The 2016 Cross-Straits Foreign Language Teaching Seminar was Held Successfully by College of Foreign Languages in Jilin University
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        On September 11, the 2016 Cross-Straits Foreign Language Teaching Seminar was held in conference room 500 of the Foreign Language Building in Jilin University. This seminar was sponsored by College of Foreign Languages in Jilin University, Northeast Asian International Language and Culture Research Base, Northeast Asian International Language and Culture Research Center. Advisory Committee of Foreign Language Teaching in Higher Institution under Ministry of Education, China Japanese Education Association, the Japan Foundation and Jilin Province Tumen River International Cooperation Institute co-organized this seminar. Present here were experts and scholars from more than 30 colleges and universities across the straits, such as National Taiwan University, National Chengchi University, Peking University, Nanjing University, Shanghai Ocean University, Shanghai International Studies University, Renmin University of China, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Tongji University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Dalian University of Technology, Yanbian University, Harbin Normal University, Heilongjiang University and Kyushu Institute of Foreign Languages.

        Hu Jianjun, the associate dean of College of Foreign Languages hosted the seminar. Pang Jincai, the secretary of the party committee in College of Foreign Languages addressed the opening speech. Professor Su Jiugao from College of Foreign Languages in Jilin University, Professor Su Wenlang from National Chengchi University, and Professor Que Baihua from Tamkang University made speeches respectively in the opening ceremony. After the opening ceremony, the English Department, the Japanese Department, the Russian Department, the Korean language Department and the Spanish Department had the branch discussionincluding academic discussion, paper exchange and teaching symposium. During the seminar, many rich and colorful activities were held, for instance, paper publication, focus group and cross-straits students’ speech contest.

        Professor Zhou Yifu, the Dean of the Foreign Department, made an address at the closing ceremony. He said: “over the past few years, Cross-straits Exchanges have been made a great success to achieve a good consensus of communication. In the current situation of foreign language education reform, all foreign language disciplines are faced with the transition problems. There is no doubt that such exchanges provide new ideas and places for communication in the consideration of how to process the talents training, curriculum design and other issues. ”At the end of the speech, Professor Zhou Yifu also presented a gracious invitation to all participating experts and scholars to continue the academic exchanges in Jilin University next year.

        The Cross-straits Seminar on Foreign Language Teaching not only provided a learning platform for experts and scholars on both sides across the strait to communicate and deepen their friendship, but also promoted the communication between the two regions in foreign language education with certain contribution to the development.

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