International Symposium “Influence and Changes of Languages and Culture”--2016 Northeast Asian International Languages and Culture Base Annual ConferenceWasHeld in Jilin University
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        International Symposium “Influence and Changes of Languages and Culture”--2016 Northeast Asian International Languages and Culture Base Annual Conference was held in our university from September 9th, 2016 to 10th witha great success. The meeting held this time was jointly sponsored by Northeast Asian International Languages and Culture Base,Northeast Asian International Languages and Culture Research Center of Jilin University and College of Foreign Languages of Jilin University, co-sponsored by the Adviser Committee of Foreign Language Teaching in Higher Institutes, Ministry of Education, Japanese Teaching Research Association of China, Jilin Province Tumen River international Cooperation Institute, etc. More than 100 specialists from more than 20 universities in China, Japan, Korea, Russia, Hollandwho were invited to attend this meeting closely participated in the profound discussion of topics that were themed the communication and development of both language and culture. The interpreter group from College of Foreign Languages was responsible for the simultaneous interpretation during the whole session. 

        Altogether 9 scholars (Professor Suzuki Zhenmi from International Japanese Culture Research Center, Dr. Zhivago Man, a visiting professor of Universiteit Utrecht, Professor Cn-line Hong from Korean Department of College of Liberal Arts in Inha University, Korea, Professor Koide Keiichi from Saitama University, Japan, Professor YanagiwaraMinaki from Department of Literature Research of Graduate School in Tohoku University, Japan, Professor Speransky from the Far East Research Institute of Russian Academy of Science, Professor Chen Duoyou, Dean of the Faulty of Asian Languages and Cultures in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Professor Pan Shouwen and QuanHelv from Department of English and Department of Korean respectively, in College of Foreign Languages, Jilin University) made speeches relevant to the theme of this meeting. Representatives from universities around the nation shared the published papers with the oversea scholars in 8 parallel sessions, together with the academic communication.

        It is known that regional problems occurring NortheastAsian region in recent days have been heatedly debated among scholars home and abroad, for this reason, the new issues related to the Northeast Asian language and culture was fully discussed in this annual meeting, which to a large extent promoted the interaction of language and culture researches here. In the meantime, the annual meeting also made an attempt to consolidate the political, economic and cultural establishment in this region through strengthening the communication and resource sharing in the related fields, making significant efforts to the enhancement of the cooperation in Northeastregion and maximizing the advantages exerted by the personnel of foreign languages in our university.

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