The Successful Conclusion of the Self-evaluation in Degree Program Evaluation of College of Foreign Languages
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        To implement spirits of Methods of Degree Program Evaluation (Degree2014No.4and the Notice of Implementing the Degree Program Evaluation (Degree(2014) No.16) from Degree Council of the State Council and Ministry of Education, 6 second-degree subjects of Master’sdegree and Doctor’s degree program in College of Foreign Languages took part in the second evaluation of Jilin University. This evaluation was based on the Regulations of Degree Program in Jilin University (Checked (2015) No. 188)and the Implementations of Degree Program in Jilin University. From this July, the self-evaluation in degree program of college appeared in full swing.

        In order to accomplish the evaluation, and promote development by evaluation, College of Foreign Languages set up a leading group and led by the dean of collegea working groupled by the vice dean. Specific person of each degree program is also clearly confirmed to take charge of the organization and implementation of the evaluation.

        According to the schedule of evaluation, the college carefully organized filling in the Brief Introduction of the Qualified Evaluation, writing the Evaluation Report, making the detailed list of scientific research achievements and compiling the management system and field of cultivating the graduates. From October 8 to November 12, the college hired the outside experts with higher academic level and abundant experience of cultivating graduates in this scientific filed to form five expert groups. They successively reviewed the Japanese Language and Literature Doctorate Degree Authorization, Russian Language and Literature Doctorate Degree Authorization, Spanish Language and Literature Master Degree Authorization, Asian-African Language and Literature Master Degree Authorization, English Language and Literature Master Degree Authorization and Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics Master Degree Authorization which was led and built byCollege of Foreign Languages.

        The evaluation included hearing the debriefings of each degree program, investigating the facilities of personnel training, consulting relevant documents, visiting classes, organizing discussions between the faculties and the students, and investigating the graduation theses which were randomly chosen, etc. After the evaluation, the experts gave a high affirmation to the achievements of the six degree programs of our college. All the six degree programs were qualified.

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