Professor Lu from SISU Presented a lecture to College of Foreign Language, Jilin University
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        On the afternoon of October 26, the 2016 academic series lectures were held in conference room 500 of the Foreign Language Building. This lecture was held by the Spanish Department of College of Foreign Languages. On this occasion, Lu Jingsheng, a Spanish professor and doctoral supervisor of Shanghai International Studies University, was invited to present an academic lecture entitled The Magic of Latin America—Broad Prospects of Interrelation between China and Latin America. Professor Lu also serves in the National Advisory Committee on Teaching Foreign Languages to Major in Higher Institution Under Ministry of Education as the director of Spanish Board.

      To meet the requirements proposed by the human resource market of professional foreign language in recent years, Professor Lu at first presented a panoramic view of future development on the professional training of foreign language practitioners; the importance of language advantage, global governance and the national personnel training were also emphasized in the meantime. He made a brief introduction about the general situation of Latin America’s nature and humanities, based on which, the historical course traversed by Sino-Latin communication in the past long years was summarized as well. In accordance with his speech, numerous problems up to present moment still remained unresolved in this field, yet we could still see a huge opportunity for further consolidation of the relationship between two states, henceforth an urgent demand for the advanced regional research practitioner with higher foreign language proficiency was put forward so that the goals could be realized in the upcoming future.

       After the lecture, Professor Lu had an active interaction with students and teachers from College of Foreign Languages, College of Literature, College of Law and part of them from science and technology colleges which attended this lecture with huge enthusiasm.

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