The Vice-president Zheng Weitao Inspecting College of Foreign Language for Research
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    On January 16th, Professor Zheng Weitao, vice-president of Jilin University, visited College of Foreign languages for a research survey. Accompanied by the college leading group, he attended the discussion and gave his opinion on how to improve the working style and efficiency.

    At the colloquium, Professor Zhou, dean of College of Foreign languages, reported the whole development of the college since the Twelfth Five-Year Plan. Members of college leadership made speeches separately and put forward many suggestions to questions that students and faculty were concerned with, such as the top-level design, characteristic discipline, personnel training, scientific research, international communication, livelihood construction and many other aspects of the college.

    Vice-president Zheng listened to everyone’s speech attentively and said that it was very gratifying to see that teachers had shown great concern about the college development. At the same time, it was also cheerful for him to see the achievements that have got under the current leadership of college. He also mentioned that the comments and suggestions raised should be discussed further. Problems that the college encountered in the development would be finally solved with the help from university leaders. He urged the functional departments to improve the quality of service and provide a good external environment for college development. In addition, vice-president Zheng expressed his expectation about the future development of the college. He hoped that everyone would do an in-depth study by emancipating thought, dedicating joint efforts and broadening horizon, contributing their shares for the establishment of the “Double World-class” university.

    After the colloquium, participants generally held the idea that, in recent years, with the considerable progress of Jilin University in overall construction, the College of Foreign Languages also got achievements in every aspect. During the survey, vice-president Zheng listened to the staff carefully. Meanwhile, all the participants really felt the sincerity and willingness of the university leadership to keep in close contact with the ordinary teachers. They were greatly inspired by the spirit of hardworking. Under the correct leadership of our university, teachers and staff in College of Foreign Languages are determined to contribute their shares for the progress of both the college and the university.

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