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Based on relevant regulations of Jilin University and practical necessities, College of Foreign Languages is recruiting two full-time lecturers on English, Japanese, Russian, Korean or Spanish.



To be successful applicants, you will need:

(1) to be healthy, responsible, committed to teaching profession and willing to conduct academic research in college-level foreign language education, and capable of working flexibly and collaboratively in a team environment

(2) in principle, to be doctoral degree holders of relevant fields freshly graduated from the 211 Project universities or non-211 Project colleges/universities with state-level key disciplines

(3) a bachelor degree obtained from colleges/universities under direct jurisdiction of ministries/commissions of the central government of China (independent colleges are excluded), or from colleges/universities with state-level key disciplines.  

(4) expertise on the foreign language with a relative standard pronunciation and proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating

(5) demonstrated capability or potential of teaching and academic research.


Salary & Benefits

Please refer to the relative provisions in the Interim Regulations on Newly Recruited Faculty of Jilin University.  



Application Materials

(1) Application Form

(2) Curriculum Vitae (Including personal specifications, educational and working experience, etc.) with a cover letter

(3) Relevant materials reflective of academic engagements and contributions

(4) Photocopies of diploma and degree certificates, awards certificates and other necessary certificates

Please note that the above-submitted materials will not be returned to you.


Contact Information

Please submit relevant application materials to the Office for General Affairs at College of Foreign Languages of Jilin University before 15 June 2016 or sent an electronic version to the following designated email address.

Contact: Liu Duoyi

Tel: 86-0431-85166196

Email address:

Address: #2699 Qianjin Avenue, Changchun, Jilin province, China 130012

 Office for General Affairs, College of Foreign Languages

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