Japan’s Five Stars Study Tour visited Jilin University
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        To enhance mutual understanding and trust between Japanese and Chinese college students and arouse students’ interest to learn each other’s language and culture, Japan’s Five Stars Study Tour visited Jilin University. The visit was supported by the International Cooperation and Exchange Division of Jilin University, the Communist Youth League Committee of Jilin University and the College of Foreign Languages.

         On 20 March, Students from Japan first visited the Memorial of Changchun Film Studio. Such a visit deepened their understanding towards Japan invasion and cultural colonization to Northeast China. In the afternoon, the second China-Japan College Student Knowledge Contest was held in the Multi-functional Hall 500. 20 Students from each side were selected to be the contestants. The questions of the contest were worked out through joint efforts of both sides, covering diverse areas like language, culture, history, geography, etc..

        The contest was intense and successful. In the evening, students from both sides attended the lecture, China-Japan Relation Reflected in Chinese and Japanese Movies, given by the Chief Editor of Chinese People’s Magazine Wang Zhongyi. In the morning of 21 March, students from Japan joined in the classrooms of the Japanese Department in Jilin University, and entered heated discussion with Chinese Students about topics of interest. In the afternoon, Japanese and Chinese students visited the cultural Squire, Mingfang Palace and historic architectures around. The dean of the College of Foreign Languages Zhou Yifu expressed his expectation towards such an event to enhance mutual understanding, friendship, communication and exchanges. He hoped the visit can deepen the friendship between Japanese and Chinese students and contribute to China-Japan relations and even world peace.

        The Staff-general of Chinese Language Education Advance Association in Japan commented that the Japanese Department of Jilin University enjoyed an outstanding reputation both in China and Japan and the students of the department were highly capable in both language performance and academic research. He was looking forward to further communication and exchanges between Japanese and Chinese students. Such an event tightened the ties between Japanese and Chinese college students, deepened their understanding about each other’s culture and history and improved their language competence. Students from both sides promised to study harder in futher and make their share of contribution to the Japan and China friendship and the grand course of world peace.

        Many mainstream media like Guang Ming Online (GMW), People’s Daily Online, covered the event.

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                                                                                                                   31 March 2016

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