Cooperative Agreement was signed between the college of foreign languages and Queen’s University Belfast in Britain
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        Through friendly negotiations, the college of foreign languages and English College of Queen’s University Belfast in Britain agreed to further enhance educational and research communications stipulated in the Framework Agreement signed before and an official cooperative agreement came into being.

        Cooperation between the two colleges existed even before the agreement. From July to August 2015, eight teachers visited Queen’s university Belfast and warmly welcomed by the Dean of the English College Paul Simpson and his colleagues. This provided an opportunity for both sides to discuss in-depth about educational and research communications and laid the foundation for further cooperation. As the first benefits of the signed agreement, two graduate students from our college were sent to Queen’s University for half-a-year’ study in the late January this year. In addition, Professor Simpson will be invited to our college to open a short course for English graduate students.

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                                                                                                                      11 January 2016

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