Anniversary Celebration (70th) Proposal
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Dear Alumni:

        Jilin University will celebrate the 70th anniversary on September 16th, 2016. Over the past 70 years, Jilin University has cultivated numerous excellent talents who have made much contribution and are renowned at home; College of Foreign Languages has had a larger size and has been increasingly prosperous in academic research; the alumni of College of Foreign Languages have adhered to the motto “realistic and innovative, inspirational and strengthen the country” and performed bravely and impressively.

        The 70th Anniversary Celebration is the common festival as well as the honor of all alumni of Jilin University. Therefore, College of Foreign Languages has the following three proposals for the alumni in order to encourage both the former and future alumni to get together and compose a new chapter.

         1. Adhere to the motto and get together to celebrate the anniversary. We sincerely hope that the alumni could uphold the spirit, carry forward the traditions, continue to make effort, create greater success and make the best birthday present for Jilin University with their own struggle, glory and achievement.

         2. Recall the old memories and friendship. The anniversary celebration is the common festival for all alumni, so we sincerely hope that we can take this precious opportunity to invite alumni and friends to wander around the old places on the campus and reminisced the old dreams and our friendship.

        3. Work together to construct Jilin University. The progress of Jilin University is the common wish of all the alumni, and the progress of College of Foreign Languages is also inseparable from the full support of alumni.

        Over the past years the alumni have made great contribution to the construction and development of Jilin University and College of Foreign Languages. Therefore, we sincerely hope that all alumni actively participate in the celebration and donation, which represent not only the memory and nostalgia of the history but also gratitude and reward of knowledge. The autumn in north China is a delightful season.

        We sincerely invite all the alumni to get together and celebrate the anniversary, recalling the past years and creating brilliant future.

        Contact: Liu Duoyi Tel: 0431-85166196


                                                                                              College of Foreign Languages,

                                                                                                                     Jilin University

                                                                                                                   June 24th, 2016

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