English Language Faculty Positions Available
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English Department, College of Foreign Languages, Jilin University, China


Positions Available

2 openings for contract foreign teacher positions, Master's degree required; Bachelor degree acceptable in the following cases:
1) Bachelor degree with two years’ working experience in language teaching
2) Bachelor degree of language or education related majors
3) Bachelor degree and teacher’s certificate/TEFL/ TESOL/TESL holder

Expected Primary Duties

1) 12 hours/week of Academic Writing for senior undergraduates of English major

2) or 12 hours/week of Literary Reading for students of English major

3) or 16 hours/week of Listening or Speaking for junior undergraduates of English major

4) Criticism and theories of English literature, linguistics, and cultural studies; translation and interpreting skills (tentative)


Expected Secondary Duties

participating in cultural events and English language-related competitions

giving academic lectures to students of English major on the culture, literature, language related topics.


Main Focus of Classroom Teaching

English speaking, reading, advanced writing skills

English Literary and cultural criticism and theories

English Linguistic theories, etc.



Resume should be submitted to and copy to



CNY6000 monthly salary, plus CNY2000 monthly house allowance, both including tax.


Travelling Expenses

North America including The U.S. and Canada: Total CNY10500 as a compensation for part of the round-trip traveling expenses; total CNY 5550 as a compensation for part of the one-way traveling expenses.

Europe including Russia., Sweden and Spain: Total CNY9000 as a compensation for part of the round-trip traveling expenses; total CNY 5000 as a compensation for part of the one-way traveling expenses.



Sun Mingli:

Chair of English Department, College of Foreign Languages, Jilin University


Zhang Meimei:

Vice Dean, College of Foreign Languages, Jilin University


About Jilin University and English Department

    Jilin University (JLU) is a leading national university under the direct jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education of China. Located in Changchun, the capital city of Jilin Province in Northeastern China, the University boasts 6 national key laboratories, and 8 national bases for the development of basic science. Other resources include 5 research bases for humanities and social sciences, 9 key laboratories sponsored by the Ministry of Education and 14 by other ministries of Chinese government. JLU offers a variety of degree programs. It has now 122 undergraduate programs, 285 master's degree program, 195 doctoral degree programs, and 37 post-doctoral programs. The year of 2009 saw the enrollment of a total of 62,000-odd full time students among whom more than 20,000 are graduate students. At present there are 6,220 faculty members, with 18 members of Chinese Academy of Science and/or Chinese Academy of Engineering, and 1,604 full professors. This dedicated education community is a guarantee of excellence in teaching and research. For years, the University has been playing a major role in the educational, cultural and economic life of Northeast Region of China. In the beginning decade of the new century, the University is committed to achieving the status as one of the leading institutions for higher education well known in China and around the world.

    English Program was established in 1956 and developed into English Department in 1993. The graduate program of English Language and Literature, one of the first group of graduate programs in China, started from 1989. At present, the English department has 4 classes of undergraduate students in each grade(20-23 students in each class), three graduate programs, including English Language and Literature, Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, and MTI(Master of Translation and Interpreting), and a teaching staff of 27.



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