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In 1993, about one year after China established diplomatic relations with the Republic of Korea, JLU became the first to set up a Korean language department among all colleges and universities directly under the Ministry of Education. In 2007, JLU’s Korean Department was included in the first batch of higher educational departments which were to be built into specialty major construction centers. At present, the department has a faculty of 9 people, including 2 professors, 1 associate professor and 1 foreign teacher. Seven members of the faculty hold Doctor’s Degrees. The Department attaches equal importance to both academic knowledge and skill training. It is authorized to award Master of Arts and Ph.D. degrees in Asian-African Languages and Literature. In 2004, the department first admitted candidates for academic Masters of Art in Korean Language and Literature in 2004. In 2012, it also launched a Master of Translation and Interpreting program, and a Korean Interpreting major.

In the 20 odd years since its establishment, the faculty have undertaken 10 teaching and research projects, while publishing 15 academic monographs, over 40 papers, more than 10 textbooks and 20-strong translation works. As a member of both the Sino-Korean Education Research Association and the Sino-Korean Literature Research Association, JLU’s Korean Department has successfully hosted more than 10 international academic seminars and 3 national and regional ones. As for international academic exchange and cooperation, it has maintained close and long-lasting ties with over 20 renowned Korean colleges, universities and scientific research institutions, including Seoul National University, Korea University and Yonsei University, etc. This means all students can have the opportunity to study in a Korean educational institution.

The Department sets as its goal the training of high-level language talents with all-round knowledge and a cross-cultural background. Its training programs are characteristic of comprehensive universities. Lectures are taught to small class groups. Great emphasis is put on the training of language skills such as listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation. Meanwhile, it also offers courses covering Sino-ROK, Sino-DPRK history, culture and trade. Students are also encouraged to take other humanities general knowledge courses available on campus or pursue a second degree by taking up a minor. Meanwhile, the Department also organizes regular seminars given by experts and scholars. It also sends junior and senior undergraduates and postgraduates on exchange programs to study in famous universities of ROK and DPRK. The Department attaches great importance to its students’ second foreign language learning and therefore English are taught throughout undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The Departments aims to inspire its students to be more interested in Korean learning by offering more internship opportunities, organizing Korean Language Association, holding annual Korean drama contests and selecting outstanding students to take part in the national Korean Speaking Contest. In recent years, the Department has established an good cooperative relationship with the Jilin Bureau of Economic and Technical Cooperation, which has been proven to be an excellent platform for students to improve their professional skills as well as their understanding of the world outside campus. The Korean Department attracts many students from all over China and its graduates are highly regard for their good professional qualities and abilities by their employers which include national, provincial and municipal departments, colleges and universities, large state-owned enterprises and foreign-funded companies.

The Department always sticks to the purpose of nurturing high-level language talents and is committed in cultivating excellent minds with high political qualities, strong business abilities and a comprehensive knowledge. Based on its distinctive features and regional advantages, the Department will further prioritize the discipline construction of the Korean language and strengthen the education of Comparative Linguistics, Comparative Literature and Comparative Culture so as to build the Department into a first-class training base for talents of Korean Language and Culture, celebrated both at home and abroad.

Office: Room 316, Foreign Language Building, Central Campus of Jilin University


Chair: Jin Jing