The “10th Mixed Team Badminton Championship of the College of Foreign Languages” was held successfully
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In order to improve the physical fitness of the teachers and students and enrich their leisure time, and to enhance the emotional communication between them, the “10th Mixed Team Badminton Championship of the College of Foreign Languages of Jilin University” was held in the afternoon of November 20, 2019 according to the work-plan of the educational labor union of the college.  

Six teams participated in the competition, namely, the English Department, the Japanese Department, the Russian Department, the Korean Department, the Spanish Department and the Administrative Office.

The game takes a round-robin form, with each round divided into five matches: mixed doubles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, men’s doubles, and mixed doubles, and the form of each match is “best of five”. The match was held in an intense-but-friendly atmosphere, and after five hours of fierce competition, the Japanese Department team won first place, the Korean Department team won second place, and the Administrative Office team won third place. 

The game enhanced the communication among teachers of the college and fully demonstrated the spirit of a harmonious college striving hard and forging ahead.

Champion: the Japanese Department team

Second Place: the Korean Department team

Third Place: the Administrative Office team

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