The college completed its Fire Safety Inspection of Year 2019
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In accordance with the deployment of the university’s 2019 Fire Safety Workplan, and according to the “Notice on the Inspection and Acceptance of Jilin University’s 2019 Fire Safety Work”, on January 6, 2020, a four-member fire inspection and acceptance work-team came to the College of Foreign Languages to inspect its fire safety work in the year 2019. The team consists of Liu Yingtao, deputy director of the school’s Security Office, Tan Xichun, Luo Chengtai and Chen Lei. Liu Changsong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Foreign Languages, Wang Zhefu, Vice Dean of Administration, Liu Duoyi, Director of the Office of the Party Committee, and Tang He, Director of the Administrative General Office, attended the meeting.  

On behalf of the college, vice dean Wang Zhefu made a detailed report to the fire safety inspection team. The report covered all kinds of fire-safety-related work the college completed in 2019, including basic management, regulation construction, routine fire safety work, fire safety education and training, facility and equipment maintenance, daily inspection, and rectification of potential danger, etc.  

After listening carefully to the report, the inspection team made a meticulous check of the college’s materials related to fire safety work, including various files, records, work plans, summaries, as well as the implementation of “Rules Shown on the wall” before giving feedback to the college on the result of the inspection. The work-team concluded that the College of Foreign Languages attached great importance to fire safety work, building a sound working mechanism, specifying responsibilities and duties, working effectively, and making adequate preparation for the inspection. The work-team also hoped that the College of Foreign Languages will strive to achieve greater success in 2020 in this regard.  

Liu Changsong, secretary of the Party Committee of the college, said that the college will continue to attach great importance to fire safety work and create a harmonious and safe environment to ensure the work of the college. Meanwhile, he also hoped that the university Security Office could provide stronger support and guidance in this regard.  

The inspection and acceptance team also consulted with all those present at the meeting about the university’s firefighting work, and signed with the college “Jilin University Letters of Commitment on Fire Safety for Year2020.”

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