Zhang Longhai, Vice-President of Minnan Normal University, Visits Our College
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On the morning of December 25th, at our college’s invitation, Professor Zhang Longhai, vice-President of Minnan Normal University and member of the National Advisory Committee on Teaching English Language to Majors in Higher Education under the Ministry of Education, visited our college and exchanged views with some of our teachers on the construction of foreign language discipline and specifically, the construction of English major. The symposium was held in Conference Room 217 of the Foreign Languages Building.

After expressing his gratitude for the warm reception of our college, Zhang Longhai fully affirmed our achievements in the discipline construction, generously shared his experience in leading the construction of first-class majors and first-class courses, and provided valuable guidance and suggestions to help our English major in its future application for the first-class major in China. Chaired by Dean Zhang Meimei, the symposium was an in-depth discussion on the experience and practices of the construction of first-class disciplines, first-class majors and first-class courses.

Introduction to the Speaker:

Zhang Longhai, male, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, and member of China National Committee for Translation & Interpreting Education. His main research interests lie in American literature, especially Chinese American literature and studies of Harold Bloom, as well as India's politics and economy and Indian English literature. As an independent author and translator, he has published 44 papers in domestic and foreign journals, with 1 monograph (Identity and History: Reading Chinese American Literature), and 2 translations (Fifth Chinese Daughter and Seasons in Purgatory). During the past five years, he has undertaken five national, ministerial and other horizontal scientific research projects as the project director, among which, the National Social Science Fund project (“Harold Bloom's Literary Outlook”)  completed in September 2008 was rated as “excellent”. Also, independently, he won the Third Prize for Social Science Award in Fujian Province and the CCB Award (Teaching) of Xiamen University in 2005, and the Third Prize for the 7th Social Science Award in Xiamen in 2007.

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